Prophetic Seminars

Prophetic Seminars

Prophetic Ministry Leadership Seminars

The biggest stumbling block to learning how to hear the Spirit of the Lord is your religious spirit. If you are so afraid of being judged as a false prophet, it will bear you no fruit, EVER.

You will find below a typical Christian Seminars format. These prophetic seminars will be scheduled on location at your church. 

You will need to contact us to schedule an event for the coming year. These prophetic leadership seminars are very intensive and the focus is on the leadership of your church. 

For many denominational Baptist churches this leadership seminar is a timely resource to bring you up to speed on exactly “What is the prophetic ministry? and Why is it so popular? Is it
scriptural?”  These are a sample of the many questions
that come up during a training and leadership seminar.

We have found that an in-house open discussion and demonstration of the prophetic ministry gifts, brings a clarity to the church leadership that cannot be reproduced in vicarious activities such as reading books.

Many Baptist prophetic pastors have already shown some
natural ability in this unexplored area.  The Christian
prophetic seminars are a safe way to get a close up view of the
prophetic ministry as it is being demonstrated live in a
controlled environment.

The studies pastors endured in seminaries have been inadequate
to explain the prophetic movement in today’s church.   The
goal of the prophetic seminar class is to train you for prophetic ministry to the degree that your “faith” will allow you.

I recommend this “quiet
approach” to the subject of prophetic ministry, so you do not
upset the balance of your church.  There will be
zealots….and there will be critics.  

But just to make sure you are
not short changed in your time spent examining this peculiar
aspect of the Holy Spirit’s ministry gifts, we will
dispense with shyness and tell you everything.

I will tell you the story of
our journey into the prophetic ministry. I will assume that you
will not be scared off by my enthusiasm or honesty.  I warn
you that my story starts out a little slow.  But within one
page…you will begin to understand.  Please remember that
I was raised in the Baptist church and educated in a Baptist
University.  I can identify with you and your church
leadership. I have utmost respect for where you are right now.
Please think of me as a reporter who has come back to report my

 Take a look below.

Have you ever asked a prophet a question and the answer you got was so “Super Spiritual” or so “way out there” that you are still wondering what he meant by it?

My motive was not to replace anybody. I merely wanted to “Hear God!”

Does this sound like you?
For twenty five years I asked God to “speak to me.”

I would listen to William Branham tapes for hours and try to discern any new hint of information that could open a door to my understanding.

All of those things were good. But NOTHING CATAPULTED ME FASTER than having a spiritual father who is generous with his answers.

He not only told me how to see….he made me do it.

I felt like a two stage rocket had been strapped to my brain.


Seminar Summary:

Learn “How to Interpret Dreams and
Christian Dream Symbols” according to the meaning of each symbol in scripture. These symbols will have the same meanings when interpreting personal prophecy. After this lesson, you will be able to effectively interpret dreams and their meanings. Presented by Brenda McDonald.

Prophetic Seminars Sessions:

These prophetic seminars are heavily influenced by the weekly mentoring of Bob Jones. We will endeavor to do him justice by sharing the prophetic principles he has taught us weekly for 5 and 1/2 years.  Bob Jones’ 40 years of ministry experience should be where we begin to walk in the prophetic ministry. He says that if he fails to reproduce himself then his life is a failure. His height in revelatory gifting should be our floor. 

Why Attend a Prophetic Workshop?

“Because you will only walk in the gifts and callings to the
degree that you PURSUE THOSE GIFTS!”

You boost your ability to see in the spirit dramatically when you know where to look.

Remember we are marketplace ministers.  We are”tentmakers” in the Biblical sense.  We work in the public where people are coming and going.  That is the harvest field.

I wished that there was a prophetic
ministry training seminar when I was starting out. I had so many questions, but there was not really anybody who would answer my questions. So, I had to learn so much by faith, and by embarrassment.

But then I began learning “where” to listen for God’s voice.
Have you ever heard someone say “I was straining my ears to hear?”

You cannot strain your ears, it is not a muscle Likewise, your ability to hear the Holy Spirit does not come by straining. It comes by knowing where to listen and how to turn up the volume.

Hearing the Holy Spirit comes by knowing “How to Hear”.

Now you can learn this from watching prophetic types and try to figure out how they got that word. Or, you can read the dozens of best selling books written by prophetic people and hope you understand everything.

The problem is that you usually wind up with a lot more questions than answers.

I was desperate for a teacher who could tell me “exactly how he saw that prophetic word.” Or, “How
exactly did he hear that?”

I knew that if I could ask those questions and receive honest answers then I could begin to see a pattern.

The problem was that most prophetic ministers were so insecure. They could not teach me how to see in the spirit and hear God because they were afraid of being replaced.

You will recognize when the Holy Spirit is revealing things to you. Especially if you have been told how to hear. This prophetic seminar will teach you in one day these simple secrets.

And this is how you will know if you have a prophetic calling…

“Your desire to hear the Holy Spirit will be greater than your fear of falling into error and ridicule.”

You will learn in this classroom the secret power of compassion.
Nothing moves the heart of God like compassion for others. Jesus was filled with compassion for the people. If you want to hear God’s heart for someone else, you must first have compassion for that person.
Would you chance being a fool for Christ if you knew you could
accurately discern their underlying problem and set them free
with one laser focused prayer? Would you like to know how to do
it without embarrassing the stranger you are praying for? That
is the simple power of prophetic intercessory prayer…and I am
here to tell you that it can be learned.

Please make it a point to sign up for the next prophetic seminar. You will come away with a new confidence. You will be confident in your ability to hear the Lord speaking to you. And, you will be very confident in your new found ability to express what you are seeing. You will learn how to say it and how to pray for someone.

There is a
Prophetic Ministry Handbook written by Kenneth McDonald that is provided in the classroom. There is also the
Christian Dream Symbols Dreams Interpretations Handbook written by Brenda McDonald. You will learn how to journal your dreams and then find their meanings in the Holy Bible. You will learn how to use the Strongs Concordance to find the meaning of symbols in dreams.

There is so much more to learn about ministering one on one. You will be taught exactly how to begin prophetic ministry from a “front of the room” perspective. We assume that you want to know everything, and we hold nothing back.

So, if you are interested in hosting a confidential Prophetic
Ministry Leadership
Seminars  in your town, please contact us and lock in a calendar


This is your year to go to the next level of ministry.

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