Christian Dream Symbols

Christian Dream Symbols

Christian dream symbols are biblical examples of dream interpretations.  There are many stories in the Holy Bible about men who had dreams.  One third of the Holy Bible is about dreams from God.

By using the Christian Dream Symbols you are allowing a true meaning of the symbol come through. A true meaning in that it is a meaning that God has shown to be true through the dreams He gave to His prophets.  The Holy Spirit speaks in the language of the parable.  This is symbolism by using the story to illustrate the point.  These Christian Dream Symbols are similar in that God is using the story of your dream to tell you what He is saying.   This is important in prophetic ministry.

christian dream symbols

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Christian Dream Symbols

Their are many books available for the non-believer that distort meanings of symbols.  For the true believer these are not acceptable. They are meant to allow the dreamer to interpret the dream for his or her own satisfaction. We as believers want to know the word of the Lord in our dreams not our own interpretation.  The Lord will bless you with dreams that will direct your life to go in His direction which is always the right direction.

When I dream I always write them down when I wake so I can use Christian Dream Symbols later to interpret what God has said to me.

By using the true meanings that God gives, Christian Dream Symbols, will allow the believer to receive God’s interpretation not their own.

You will need to increase your knowledge of Christian Dream Symbols.

God will speak to you in your dream, but He will use His language not yours. Sometimes it will take some practice to begin to think symbolically in your interpretation. The more you understand the “symbolic” language of the Holy Spirit, the more you will understand the meaning of your dreams.

An example of  Christian Dream Symbols in the Bible is the story of Jacob. Jacob was on a trip. He laid down and the Lord gave him a dream. In the dream the symbol of the ladder he saw was the Lord telling Jacob their was an open Heaven in that place. Ladder equals open Heaven in that context of that dream. This is just one example of how the Lord showed Jacob something very significant in a dream.

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Come on a great journey in understanding your dreams, the discovery is well worth the effort.


 Christian Dream Symbols will set you on a path to discover who you are in God.