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Prophetic Training Manual:  Many years ago, we decided to teach prophetic seminars in a bed-and-breakfast setting.  People began coming from around the country to spend a few days with us and learn specific ways to hear the Lord.
Several ministries have been launched from those small beginnings.

You cannot pray for someone effectively if you cannot discern the real underlying problems.

Prophetic ministry  is about seeing and hearing everything at once until some detail stands out.

These are immediate clues to show you where the Holy Spirit is leading you to look. You will find that prophetic prayer often begins right there. 

The Spirit of the Lord will often walk right into your dreams when you are sleeping.

The following is an excerpt from the
Prophetic Training Manual, by Kenneth McDonald. 

In this book he will tell some very personal stories, so that you may know who labors among you.  And also because he cannot take you farther than he has gone himself.  The stories will testify of events that have happened, and explain how Kenneth began his journey into the prophetic ministry.

Prophetic Training requires a teacher….someone who has been there.  Prophetic training manuals are available, but not plentiful.  My advice is to research every prophetic training manual available and learn from everyone.

Every student learns differently and at their own pace.  Teachers have different styles of teaching, and when you meet the right teacher you will begin to learn rapidly.  Kenneth spent 20 years following prophetic ministers to discover how they each hear from God.  In his book, the instruction is clear and the stories paint a picture to help the reader understand better.

Prophetic Training Manual Includes A Personal Phone Call

Prophetic training manual purchases will include a 30 minute telephone call with Kenneth McDonald, by appointment only.  The phone number is inside the ebook.  Appointments are set via email confirmation.  You may set your phone appointment before or after you have had time to read the Prophetic Training Manual.

Appointment Time and Prophetic Training Handbook

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Kenneth McDonald

You may be brand-new to the prophetic ministry.  These books will help you understand your own gifting and ensure you do not make the ministry gaffs that are easily avoidable. 
Gain your confidence after applying the Lessons in each chapter
of the Prophetic Training Manual .
 prophetic training manual

The prophet, Bob Jones was visiting our home and he said something remarkable to me…

“I will tell you that all prophecy begins in your imagination!”

Bob said to me, “Look at this and tell me what you see.”  I looked where he was pointing and saw a clear glass of  ice water with a round, green slice of lime floating on the top. 

Bob said “Close your eyes and tell me what you see.”  

I closed my eyes and said “Well, I see the glass ofice water with the green slice of lime floating in it.”  He said, “That is right. Your mind is like a television set.  The Lord can
send you images anytime he wants you to see something in the spirit.
  The Lord can send you entire moving pictures that appear like movies. If you do not limit God to speaking only through your ears, then you will find favor…..

“Read more” of this interesting story in the Prophetic Training Manual ebook. It is available for immediate delivery as a “download”pdf file right now. 

Get all the lessons we learned every week from over 5 1/2 years of training with this remarkable man of God.

This was a resource that we knew must be shared with the rest of the Body of Christ.

For all denominations, Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist and more.


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prophetic training manual