Prophetic Ministry

Prophetic Ministry with Jeff Jansen

Kenneth and Brenda McDonald are after the very heart of God. They not only move powerfully in the gifts of revelation, but are effective ministers in teaching and training others how to see and hear by the spirit of revelation for themselves.

Both Kenneth and Brenda have been students of the Holy Spirit for years now and are busting at the seams with practical insight and wisdom much needed for the body of Christ to grow in true Hebrews 5:14 spiritual maturity. For many years these two have spent time weekly with Bob Jones in his home both receiving impartation and ministering with him to others God brings there. The overflow of this time investment is obvious to all as they effectively minister by the Holy Spirit and give away everything they’ve received. Propheticseminars.com is a must for all who are wanting to grow in God.

-Jeff Jansen,

Prophetic Ministry 1

Thanks again for that wonderful experience. Im still marinating on the time spent. We definitely will be coming again and hopefully the family will come along too. 

If you believe the Lord has called you to move into the prophetic and you’re tired of being at a place in your life where you see no way to get you there, then I guarantee this seminar will get you moving prophetically.

I now know that prophesying is not reserved only for Bishops, Pastors and Evangelists, but for the casual believer in Christ who has a desire to spread the Word of God to a hurting world.

Dream interpretation is now much easier since the teaching. I no longer have questions about how to flow in the anointing. The teachers were not only knowledgable, but have the heart of God and the determination to see others grow in the Lord. For me, this experience was life-changing. You will not fail or be disappointed if you attend. However, you will be disappointed if you fail to attend.

Connell Williams

Wilmington, Delaware
Prophetic Ministry 2
The teaching was very well put together with outlines and books to follow. It was a very safe place to take the risk to learn how to move in the prophetic. Brenda shared about dreams in ways that I had not heard before. Ken spoke on faith walks he and Brenda have taken and on prophetic evangelism. This brought encouragement to go to the streets and to speak the Word of the Lord.

Rev. Linda Holloman,
Cincinnati, OH

Prophetic Ministry 3
I feel so blessed how the Lord led me to the seminar, and is just taking me to another level of the Prophetic. I am so blessed by the things I have learned at the seminar, the different ways to interpret dream, how to use your 5 senses to prophesy to a person, how to postpone a prophecy, the seminar was just awesome, its life changing, its another level. HALLELUJAH
Thanks again for everything your sister and daughter

Sandra Oliver
Cincinnati, Ohio

Prophetic Ministry 4
The Holy Spirit comes and moves, touches people, and gives the vision to share with one another. A message of HOPE, you will never be the same.

Pat Roland,
Asheville, NC

Prophetic Ministry 5
Hi Kenneth and Brenda, Mom and Dad. 

I would recommend this prophetic seminar for anyone who has a prophetic call or gift on on their life. The 2-day seminar was the best experience that I have ever been experience, there was a God presence like never before both physically and spiritually.

With Ken and Brenda’s wisdom, knowledge, and practical experience in the PROPHETIC it was unforgettable. Me traveling from Wilmington, Delaware 7hours away would say alot that this seminar was very much needed and it will not be my last time in the Mountains of N.C. The very first day i was prophesying and having visions and it was that easy to recognize and interpret with the Word of GOD. In addition I was imparted, released, and spiritually birth out of the 35 years of Bob Jones’s knowledge, wisdom, and prophecy.I have experienced GOD and realized that GOD is always speaking. Through visions, trances, dreams, and most of all my IMAGINATION!. Ken and Brenda McDonald my spiritual parent I love you both and continue on teaching GOD’s messenger for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. GOD BLESS YOU…

Prophet Hakeem D. Collins


Prophetic Ministry 6 If you feel like you’ve tried the prophetic but it doesn’t work for you, Ken and Brenda’s kind and personal ministry is for you. They are the real thing! You can and will begin to understand and move in the prophetic practically and wisely. And you will feel loved and accepted in your unique relationship with the Lord.

Rachael Babcock,
Atlanta, GA

Prophetic Ministry 7 The Lord confirmed to us the direction the He has been leading us. We couldn’t figure out what to call this new ministry. After the seminar, we heard the name “Equipping Hearts for the Harvest”. That is going to be the name and focus of the ministry. The seminar helped clarify the birth of this vision.

Ed and Maritza Kouri,
Equipping Hearts for the Harvest

Prophetic Ministry 8
Grace and Peace…
I truly enjoyed my stay in Asheville, NC. Rather quickly, I would like to testify and say that your prophetic seminar was truly a blessing from G-d, especially at this crucial stage in my life of trying to find my place in the kingdom.

 Before coming to the seminar, there were plenty of questions that I wanted answered and felt frustrated about walking into what G-d had called me to become as a true prophet.  However, I was a little discouraged because I was young like Jeremiah and not sure on what characteristics, etiquette, protocol, pitfalls, orders of a prophet and not even experience the realm of G-d (third heaven).  Prayerfully, my prayers were answered.  I had an opportunity to be activated, imparted, and taught on what the prophetic is all about and was able to prophetically minister to someone during the seminar.  As a result, the seminar erased the fear and doubt that I was experiencing and gave me the confidence and appreciation to be chosen as His chosen vessel.

Naim Collins
Wilmington, Delaware