Christian Dream Dictionary

Christian Dream Dictionary

Christian Dream Interpretation is essential for the believer because God still communicates to His people in this way.

One third of the Bible is about the dreams God spoke to His prophets.  God still speaks and sends us messages in our dreams to help us.  He will send us messages in the form of symbols or pictures to communicate to us.

To understand Christian Dream Interpretation we must have understanding of symbolic knowledge in the form of a Dictionary

The symbols in the Bible and the examples of dreams will help us interpret our dreams. Sometimes Christian Dream Interpretation is as simple as replacing a biblical symbol with the symbol in our own dreams. A good dream symbol dictionary will certainly help you in interpreting your dreams. This must of course be a Christian Dream Dictionary. A secular dictionary will give you false information for the symbols.

When you begin to seek God in this process you will break the dream down to the simplest form and start from their. Writing the dream, even drawing the dream will help you interpret it.

Each dream must be interpreted on an individual basis. God will use simplicity at first when you decide to pay attention to your dreams.

As you begin to understand your dreams He will add some complexity to the process of Christian Dream Interpretation.

Keep in mind also that different symbols may mean something different to each individual. Because we have a wondrous God who knows us individually, He will often speak to us in symbols we understand. Christian Dream Interpretation is as individual as we each are.

I believe we must study the Bible so the symbols we understand from those examples will become our  “frame of reference” as we attempt to interpret our dreams.  We must also pay attention to what symbols of our own God uses in our dreams. For instance if you are a nurse, you may dream of an Intravenous infusion as a symbol for God infusing new life into you. Keeping a good record of these symbols will help you in your Christian Dream Interpretation.

Remember, all true interpretation will be revealed by the Holy Spirit.

Christian Dream Interpretation

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You will enjoy dream interpretation the more you practice.


 Christian Dream Dictionary