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Prophetic Ministry

Kenneth and Brenda

Kenneth and Brenda McDonald  want to provide an intimate,  practical setting wherever they go to minister the love of the Lord Jesus Christ through personal prophecy.

It only takes “one word” fitly spoken to a hurting soul…to mightily reintroduce Jesus Christ into their circumstances. Depression? Losing hope?

I’m here to tell you, You have a “God hole” in the middle of your chest and only God can fill it up. When we visit your Christian group or Business leadership group, it will be your time to stand in His presence, and soak in the Father’s Love. 

If what I have to say to you in that moment is true…  Then you must “fall out of agreement” with the enemy…and you can have “what the Lord reveals to you through the prophetic word”.  

Make Choices With Prophetic Ministry

You have a choice to accept the encouraging word for your life.  The direction you take is always in the power of the believer.  It is easy to fulfill the prophetic word that has been given…and it is easy NOT to do it. Prophetic words are not “doors”.  They are more like “windows” to see what is coming up the road for you.

You may decide not to believe and your circumstances will not change.

Many men and women will hear the word of encouragement through the prophetic ministry, then do nothing because they did not believe the message.  That is alright. 

If everybody could see the great potential that the Lord has for their lives, then there would be no need for leaders.  There would be no need for fathers.  There would be no need for prophets.  The truth is that most people cannot see for themselves.

“The Lord is calling our nation to turn away from willful spiritual blindness.”

 The Spirit of the Lord is calling us one-by-one in our hearts to return to our callings as godly people.  Corporately, we are a nation made up of individual godly men and women.

We have been seeing the culmination of everything good and evil.  Now is the time to choose who we will serve as a nation of believers.  It all starts with prayer and a deliberate turning away from the spirit of this world. 

“Our country needs not only prayer…but action on every individual’s part to begin rebuilding the Kingdom of God in our homes and neighborhoods.”

prophetic ministry

Bob Jones and Kenneth McDonald

Ministry dates are being set for the calendar year. Please call to schedule early if you want to invite us to come to your church or marketplace business to minister.

Prophetic Prayer is the   “Highest Form of Intercession”.
Did you Prayer Warriors get that?
You need to learn how to use your prophetic gift of discernment, when you pray for someone. 
You should be changing their spiritual climate when you open up to pray.
You are not called to “beg God” for help.  You are called to declare His will for your life according to the written word.  There is a definite difference.  There is an effectual fervent prayer that is grounded in faith.  God has given us power over all the power of the enemy.


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Prophetic Ministry