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Prophetic Ministry

Kenneth and Brenda

Kenneth and Brenda McDonald  want to provide an intimate,  practical setting wherever they go to minister the love of the Lord Jesus Christ through personal prophecy.

It only takes “one word” fitly spoken to a hurting soul…to mightily reintroduce Jesus Christ into their circumstances. Depression? Losing hope?

I’m here to tell you, You have a “God hole” in the middle of your chest and only God can fill it up. When we visit your Christian church it will be your time to stand in His presence, and soak in the Father’s Love.

If what I have to say to you is true.  Then you must “fall out of agreement” with the enemy…and you can have “what you say”.

Prophetic Ministry dates are being set for the calendar year. Please call to schedule early if you want to invite us to come to your church to minister.

Prophetic Prayer is the
“Highest Form of Intercession”.
Ouch!  Did you Prayer Warriors get that?
You need to learn how to use your prophetic gift of discernment, when you pray for someone. 
You should be changing their spiritual climate when you open up to pray.
Jesus said…”I have told my people they can have what they say…but instead, they are saying what they have”.
You are not called to “beg God” for help.  You are called to Declare!
Many years ago, we decided to teach prophetic seminars in a bed-and-breakfast setting.  People began coming from around the country to spend a few days with us and learn specific ways to hear the Lord.
Several ministries have been launched from those small beginnings.  On this page…and on our webpage named  prophetic training manual you may find more information about “How to see in the spirit” and “How to hear God”.
Please allow me to introduce the Prophetic Ministries training that we offer.
The Prophetic Training Handbook is the #1 Primer of Prophetic Etiquette and Prophetic Prayer.
There is not another that has the depth of real life stories and techniques.
*With the purchase of the prophetic ministry book, you will also have a personal 30 minute phone call with me. 
My phone number will be inside the book. Your private session will be a good time for personal prayer.
During your 30 minutes phone session, we will answer your prophetic ministry questions and give you personal prophetic training. You will have a clear confidence about how to pray for others.
You are welcome to buy the Prophetic Training Manual here for $47 and set an appointment

Appointment Time and Prophetic Training Handbook

 Use your PayPal  to pay for the purchases securely. Paypal is the most favored way to purchase online because you do not need to reveal your personal financial information.

PayPal also accepts all credit cards. *Your order will arrive in your email “inbox” as soon as I check my email and see your order.  I will send your prophetic ministry ebook right away.

You can read the “testimonials page” and see how students RATED THIS COURSE after taking the Prophetic Ministry Training.

“At first, I did not want to sell this prophetic ministry training manual.”

But I started getting emails and phone calls from ministers all over the world who were begging me to sell them the prophetic ministry book.

They were saying “I cannot pay $600-$700 for a plane ticket and then pay $139 for the admission to the Prophetic Ministry Seminar, plus hotel, plus rental car, plus meals for 3 days.

“Would you  please sell me the prophetic ministry training books?”

That is when I decided to turn the prophetic ministry training book into an “e-book” so I could send it to those ministers via email.   And you know, they loved it.

These lessons all include personal stories that will explain the concepts more clearly.  You should know that this prophetic ministry training handbook is not written just for Christians to learn “How to hear the Holy Spirit speaking”, but it is meant to be a How-to-do-it book for ministers who are beginning to operate in the prophetic gift.

You will learn how to prophesy. You will learn how to keep from offending the Holy Spirit.  You will learn how to recognize when He shows up….and the importance of humility during prophetic ministry.

Your revelation is strongest….when you walk in compassion.

Compassion is the key to all prophetic ministry. To train your spirit, how to hear God and how to pick up those clues and subtle impressions, that are hidden from 97% of Christians.

Because you cannot pray for someone effectively if you cannot discern the real underlying problems.

Prophetic ministry  is about seeing and hearing everything at once until some detail stands out.

These are immediate clues to show you where the Holy Spirit is leading you to look. You will find that prophetic prayer often begins right there. 

The Spirit of the Lord will often walk right into your dreams when you are sleeping.

Here is an excerpt from the Prophetic Ministry Training handbook:

Table Of Contents~ Prophetic Ministry










If you think you may have a calling or prophetic gifting, I recommend you get this prophetic ministry training ebook.

Learn Prophetic Ministry Tips

You will know right away, that you can prophesy.  You can move and speak before a crowd or to a person, one-on-one.  You will be comfortable seeing a prophetic word for that person, and comfortable “saying” it as you prophesy . 

You will learn prophetic ministry etiquette, so you never embarrass yourself in front of a church.
You will learn how to handle a heckler or a “stern face” in the crowd if you see this during your prophetic ministry times. 

Learn how to pray for and give a prophetic word to every person in a church, if you are asked to…..”Yes, it happens.” I don’t recommend it, but you need to be prepared. It has
happened twice during my prophetic ministry engagements.

All of these prophetic ministry lessons…I learned the hard way.  Now you can learn 20 years of prophetic ministry lessons and life experiences in one day. 

  Get All Of These Lessons, and the Prophetic Ministry Training Manual now for only


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Appointment Time and Prophetic Training Handbook

*Your order will arrive in your email “inbox” as soon as I check my email and see your order. 

You will be able to download the pdf copy. 

*When you purchase the book, you will receive a 30 minute phone call with me personally to help you get started
(the phone number is inside the prophetic ministry handbook.)

Sure, I will pray for you and answer all your questions.  But after that, I  expect you to read the prophetic ministry training book.  I expect you to grow in your ability to hear the Lord, so we can mark your growth.

* “OK, I look forward to our private 30 minute telephone conversation. It is your own personal session to ask questions about anything you like.”

You must make an appointment before you call.  Talk to you soon.

Kenneth McDonald





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